General Information: 2019-2020 season design

Motors: 8 Neverest 40s

Wheels: GoBilda Mecanum Wheels

Control System: Dual REV Expansion Hubs

Lift: Misumi SRY2730 Slides


Our Build Journey


For our drivetrain, we use 4 motors, each connected to a GoBilda Mecanum wheel with Andymark bearing rollers, which allows us to translate sideways when moving. The whole drivetrain has been redesigned in order to keep everything as flat and as low to the ground as possible to save space for other mechanisms. We utilize custom water-jet cut metal to make our drivetrain as strong and robust as possible and we mount our control systems flat against the drivetrain. It is geared 20:1.


This year, we wanted to use a passive intake to collect stones, and a set of vertical and horizontal linear slides to deposit the stones. Our drivetrain was created to cross through the neutral bridge, and our capstone is integrated into our lift, allowing us to deposit it at any time.


In order to collect minerals inside of the crater, we use a simple box design with spinners on the front. At the end of the collector is a small depositor that extends out using elastic, so that it can retract inside of the robot when retracted. There is also a passive sorter in order to sort between gold and silver minerals and a servo controlled gate that allows us to control when minerals are released. The collector also has omni wheels at the bottom in order to freely move around the playing field.


Our collector is mounted onto a robust arm and sits between sets of drawer slides. Each set contains two drawer slides which allows us to reach far into the crater to gather minerals. This whole arm is connected to an axle and driven by a single Neverest motor geared 256:1. This power also allows us to hang our robot by this arm, so a hook is also mounted on the arm. We use two servo latches on either side of the arm so we could keep the arm in while hanging on the lander without power being supplied to the motors.