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Computer Aided Design

  • General Information:

    • We use CAD to model out robot parts before they are built

    • It helps reduce the built process because we spend less time building prototypes


  • What We Use:

    • We use a variety of CAD softwares:

      • Autodesk Inventor

      • Autodesk Fusion 360

      • PTC Creo Parametric

      • OnShape

    • These are used all together to design parts, assemble the robot on the computer, and render images of our robot.


  • The Process:

    • While many CAD files for standard parts are on the suppliers website, we create custom parts that are 3D printed on OnShape because of its ability for collaborative and cloud-based systems.

    • Finished parts are brought into Autodesk Inventor or PTC Creo Parametric where they are assembled like how they would on our final robot. We are able to show the relationships that these parts have, such as moving gears or extending linear slides.

    • Autodesk Fusion 360 is finally used to render these images in a photorealistic fashion, where materials are assigned to the parts and we can show how the robot interacts with field elements.

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