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Meet The Main Team


Anant Srinivasan

I am Anant Srinivasan, a Junior at Wilton High School. I am excited to return for another great season of FTC competition. Leading the programming division this year, I look forward to improving my coding skills and discovering what the new season has in store. Outside of robotics, I participate in various clubs including the Competitive Programming Club, AI Club, and the school newspaper. Additionally, I play the violin at Norwalk Youth Symphony and I enjoy math and history.


Aarushi Agrawal

My name is Aarushi Agrawal and I am a junior at Wilton High School. I am looking forward to leading the team as Head of Build as we build cohesive team communication and an efficient bot. Outside of robotics I am a part of the Engineering Club at school and am also heavily involved in the music programs. I enjoy playing in the orchestra, band, and jazz band and hope to continue playing after highschool. My favorite subjects in school are English and math and in my spare time, I love reading novels.


Jack Kendall

My name is Jack Kendall and I am a junior at GFA. This is my first year with the team, and I'm excited about the upcoming season. I enjoy taking math and science and have/am taking all of the engineering programs that my school offers. Out of school I play squash (sport) year round and love tinkering at home. As part of the main team, I plan to work heavily on building the robot this year. This year I have also been tasked with compiling the engineering notebook, which is a detailed folder that documents all of our thoughts throughout the year.


Anirudh Nagelli

My name is Anirudh Nagelli, a Freshman at Wilton High School. I have been on TAP for one year during the peak Covid times and this is my first year working with the main team. I am working under Anant in the Coding division and looking forward to learning new coding methods and participating in the FTC competition. Outside of robotics, I play the trumpet and participate in band competitions, championships, and recordings in Connecticut and New York. I also do boy scouts so that I can learn life lessons, earn community service hours, and in general help people in need. 


William Olmstead

My name is William Olmstead, and I am a freshman at Wilton High School. This is my 1st year with the Singularity Tech main team. I am excited to work on this season of FCS with the build team. In school, I particularly enjoy STEM and musical classes such as Math, Science, Engineering,Architecture, and Orchestra. I love creating especially with additive manufacturing machines such as LCD and FDM printers. I hope to use these machines to our robot’s advantage this year. I have also been tasked with being the rule master, which makes sure that we are following all 150+ pages of regulations and rules for our robot.


James Ryan

Hello, my name is James Ryan and I am an eighth-grader currently attending Middlebrook Middle school. This is my first year on the Tap team. Outside of robotics, I play soccer on a team and golf with my family in my free time. Next year I hope to join the main team. But until then, I will be learning more about FTC.


Achintya Srinivasan

My name is Achintya Srinivasan and I am an 8th grader at Middlebrook Middle School. This is my first year on the TAP team, and I am excited to learn new things and learn how to collaborate with others as a team. Outside of school I play the cello, play soccer, and participate in various clubs before and after school. In my free time, I enjoy playing video games, hanging out with friends, and reading. In school, my favorite subjects are math and social studies, as well as physical education. I am looking forward to a great year for the team!


Angela Varghese

My name is Angela Varghese and I am an 8th grader at Middlebrook Middle School.  This is my first year on the Singularity Technology team. Outside of Robotics, I play the violin, love to sing, and learn science. I also love to read. My favorite genre is historical fiction. I love to write realistic fiction stories. I am a member of the Science Olympiad, Debate, and Orchestra.

TAP Team

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