Meet The Main Team

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Alex Cameron

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Ria Raniwala

My name is Ria Raniwala and I’m a junior at Wilton High School. STEM and robotics have always been passions of mine, and FTC has helped me gain so many skills in coding, mechanics, teamwork, and more. I am heading up our programming team this year, and I'm really excited for what the season has in store for us! Outside of robotics, I really enjoy extracurriculars like the debate team and model congress. In my spare time, I love playing the guitar!

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Chris McCann

My name is Christopher, and I am currently a junior at Wilton High School. This is my third year on the Singularity Technology team, and I am very glad to be a member of the programming division. I have volunteered at numerous FIRST events and I love to help members of the community reach their goals. Outside of robotics, I play baseball for the 18u Wilton team and I love to go fishing. My favorite school subjects are Science and Math.

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Edwin Gregory

Hello, my name is Edwin Gregory and I am a junior at Wilton High School. This season represents my fourth year participating in FTC for Team 7034 Singularity Technology. FTC has helped me gain awareness for the profound impact that STEM has on the world, and the usefulness in acquiring proficiency in areas such as programming and engineering. Besides robotics, I participate in extracurriculars such as Boy Scouts, Debate, Model Congress, and choir.

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Aarushi Agrawal

My name is Aarushi Agrawal and I am a freshman at the Wilton High School. This is my third year with the team and I’m glad that we are having a season this year even though it may look different. After two years on TAP I’m excited to be on the main team and work on improving my skills. Outside of robotics I love music and have been playing the viola for the past six years and the flute for the past two; in my free time I love to read and am a fan of most genres. FIRST has taught me a lot of real world skills and I hope to expand that skill set.

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Shayna Wilson-Spiro

My name is Shayna Wilson-Spiro and I’m a freshman at Wilton High school. This is my second year on the team but my first year on the main team. I have always been interested in robotics and I’m excited to expand my knowledge and work hard this year! I’ve already learned so much from my time on the TAP team, and FTC has been a great experience for me. In my free time I draw and paint, play the viola, run cross country, and participate in debate club.